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What’s snacking today?

Snacking takes a larger proportion in our day. Our busy lifestyle often comes with little time to sit down and eat and requires us to have more snacks on the go. Unfortunately, certain activities, like watching TV, playing games on a console or working on the computer leads us to snack excessively… On certain ‘munchies’ snack foods, such as chips, cookies, etc. This harmful snacking could possibly lead to weight gain and health problems if this habit persists.

However, having snacks is not necessarily harmful to the body, depending on the foods we choose. On the contrary, having the right snacks has positive benefits on our body! For these reasons, it is important to choose the right snacks. Choosing the right snacks could also prevent us from craving other ‘munchies’ during the day.

This afternoon, my snack is a container of greek yogurt and about 1 ounce of candied walnuts (the small bowl in the picture). I love 0% fat greek yogurt because it is so creamy, yet it contains no fat! It is also a great source of calcium and protein.

Why snack?
Having snacks between meals has many benefits, including
– Boosting energy levels
– Regularizing glucose levels (blood sugar levels)
– Controlling appetite (Avoiding extreme hunger and over-eating during the next meal)
– Helping acknowledge hunger and satiety (fullness) signals in the long run
– Maintaining a higher metabolism

What is a good snack?
To build a good snack, combine foods that are sources of carbohydrates and protein. By combining sources of these macronutrients, you can ensure a high energy level and you can stay satiated for the few following hours.

Sources of carbohydrates Sources of protein
–  Fresh and dried fruits
–  Crackers
– Bread
–  Milk
–  Enriched soy beverage
– Low fat cheese
–  Nuts and nut butter
–  Tuna
–  Egg
– Milk
–  Enriched soy beverage

Other snack ideas are:
– an apple and 2 tbs of peanut butter
– a banana and a small container of greek yogurt
– ½ a cup of grapes and 2 ounces of low fat mozzarella
– 1 cup of soy milk and ¼ cup of almonds
– Crackers and low fat cheese
– Crackers and tuna


References: Extenso, Today’s Dietitian

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