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Choosing Breakfast Cereal: Breakfast Parfait

Here is another quick and easy breakfast idea for you guys. In this bowl, I just mixed some yogurt, breakfast cereal, berries and almonds.

Breakfast parfait.jpg
There are many types of cereals available to you in stores, ranging from oat clusters, whole wheat, multigrain, to rice crisps, rainbow colored cereals and marshmallows… The large variety can get us confused at times, and the overwhelming number of very sugary cereals on the market can also make us think that all breakfast cereals are all considered ‘unhealthy’. However, by making the right choices, breakfast cereal can be a great source of energy to begin your day !

Which type of breakfast cereal should I choose?
By reading the nutrition fact behind your cereal box, you can make an informed healthier choice. What you should look out for while choosing a breakfast cereal is:
more than 5g of fiber per serving (¾ – 1 cup)
less than 10g of sugar per serving

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