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What is TVP?

Textured vegan protein (TVP), also known as textured soy protein, is a great meat substitute.

It is made from soy beans that have been ground, defatted (the soy bean oils have been removed) and dehydrated. Just like many other soy product, TVP has a very neutral taste so you can combine it with all of your favourite flavours.

This soy product is a great low fat source of protein. It is also packed with healthy fiber and iron! Just half a cup (50g) of dry TVP contains about 25g of protein, 8-10g of fiber and 30% of your daily recommended intake of iron.

It is a very quick and nutritious source of vegan protein that can easily replace meats. All you need to do is rehydrate and rinse the TVP with warm water and add it to your favourite recipe!

For recipe ideas with TVP, check out my Vegan Chili and Teriyaki TVP meatballs recipes.


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