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Holiday Survival Guide: 4 Nutrition Tips

🎄🎁 The holidays are about family and friends, love and sharing. However, our excesses might lead to new unnecessary resolutions during the new year. Here are some nutrition tips to enjoy the holidays in a happy and healthy (body and mind) way, regret-free. 🍖 1. Take your time ⌛️ Taking the time to taste and savour every single… Continue reading Holiday Survival Guide: 4 Nutrition Tips

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Sweet Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus

Do you sometimes crave chips and dips or a little salty treat? This sweet roasted bell pepper hummus recipe can satisfy your sweet and salty taste! 🚫 Unlike commercial hummus that usually contain added fats, this recipe has NO added sugar and NO added oils, which makes this a healthy yet delicious alternative. Servings: 10 portions… Continue reading Sweet Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus